The project activities cover the whole scale of software development from the requirement analysis to the installation, integration with other components and rollout. The company usually also supports this systems’ operation and provides full scale support and maintenance on demand for several years.
Ulyssys Software Development and Consulting Ltd. has been founded by Hungarian individuals in 1991. Its Serbian subsidiary joined the team in 2009.Ulyssys has broad experiences in development and delivery of complex information systems for several sectors. Its projects include both the customization and introduction of off-the-shelf products, development of custom-made applications and integration of different software and hardware equipment.

Ulyssys with its staff of 300 professionals is one of the most significant software development companies in Hungary. Its most important competence is the development of integrated, workflow-based software systems which supports the core business processes of its customers. Ulyssys puts emphasis on using the most up-to-date technologies, so that its systems can be inexpensively operated, decreasing the total cost of ownership from the customer’s side.
The basic elements of competencies include:
  • System and requirement analysis
  • Process- and system planning, design
  • Programming
  • Customization of off-the-shelf products
  • System integration, support and maintenance of systems both developed by Ulyssys or third parties including legacy applications
  • System and requirement analysis
  • Process- and system planning, design
  • Programming
  • Customization of off-the-shelf products
  • System integration, support and maintenance of systems both developed by Ulyssys or third parties including legacy applications

... especially in the following fields:

Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  • workflow-based implementation of core business processes
  • tracking of business events, general ledger, financial clearance, financial account keeping
  • contract registry and management, registry and system management of objects, buildings
  • software for traditional and electronic commerce
  • office automation including electronic registration of incoming and outgoing mails and files, electronic document management
  • solutions for logistics
  • IT networks and software solutions for the bank sector, monitoring
  • data warehouses, business intelligence solutions for decision makers, reporting

Government sector, systems for authorities
  • workflow-based implementation of core business processes
  • electronic process management systems supporting the activities from the arrival of documents through the full scale management of the case
  • systems for local governments (for instance full support of the local taxation for entities like Budapest, the largest city of Central Europe)
  • complex state laboratory systems integrated into the electronic process management
  • integrated system for European Union subsidy and tender management, including electronic transfers
  • mathematics based risk management software for sampling
  • state registries, such as registry for agricultural producers, agricultural entities and production spots

Ulyssys exclusively supplies for the following fields in the Hungarian agricultural sector:
  • software for the agricultural and rural development subsidies in Hungary covering the whole scale of processes from the lodging of subsidy claims to the bank transfers and clearing of accounts, including administrative and on the spot checks, analysis of GIS data based on satellite images and other controls
  • registration and lifetime tracing of certain domesticated animals based on the food safety regulations of the European Union
  • registration and management systems for breeding authorities for milk recording and other breeding activities
  • agricultural production forecast with satellite image analysis
  • risk management system for agricultural producers
  • systems for slaughter houses and carcass classification
  • systems for slaughter houses and carcass classification
  • national wine classification systems
  • research and development in biometrics, breeding value estimation
  • SQL based database management systems (Oracle, IBM DB2, MS SQL, PostgreSQL…);
  • NoSQL based database management systems (Cassandra, MongoDB, with Spring Data);
  • Java, .NET and C (used in web, rich client and mobile development);
  • Business Process Management (BPM) and work-flow engines;
  • Java Platform: Java SE, JEE, Spring frameworks;
  • Java: JSP, JSF (Prime Faces), JLF4J (Logback, Log4J) Spring;
  • JEE containers: JBOSS, Oracle Weblogic, Glassfish, Tomcat, Jetty, etc.);
  • Java programming: use of the latest JEE standard API-s;
  • JPA 2.1 (ORM frameworks: Hibernate, EclipseLink, Spring Data);
  • Bean Validation 1.1;
  • JAXB 2.2 (OXM mapping);
  • Web Service (JAX-WS, AXIS, CXF);
  • Restful Services (Jersey, CXF, Jackson);
  • ESB, Integration frameworks (OSB, Apache Camel, Spring Integration);
  • Security: Spring Security, OpenIDM, OpenAM, Oracle IDM;
  • SOA and Enterprise Service Bus based interface applications, integration of legacy systems (Oracle, JBOSS);
  • GIS tools (e.g.: Oracle Spatial), systems and data-base system (e.g.: Oracle Spatial);
  • Tools helping software development: Jenkins automated build, automatic deploy and testing with continous delivery.
  • Tools used for testing and integrated testing: Junit, Mockito-t, Spock framework, code coverage measuring: Emma/ JaCoCo Java Code Coverage Library.
  • Automated testing on web: Selenium 2/ GEB framework
  • For the quality assurance of our products we use Clean Code, Refactoring, Design Patterns tools and best industry practices during software development.
  • 1992: adaptation of the software solution for Hungary’s largest bank, OTP, which by now grew to one of the largest regional financial suppliers
  • From 1994: delivery and current support of the tax administration system of Budapest, Hungary’s capital city and the region’s business center
  • From 1995: breeding and food safety systems for the Hungarian authorities, including the identification, registration and movement tracking system of certain animal species, based on European Union legislation
  • From 2004: development of the software solution and on-going support for the European Union Paying Agency of Hungary, spreading 2 billion Euros for the Hungarian farmers and rural development sector yearly
  • 2009-2012: development and support of the software solution for the Serbian Rural Development Agency
  • 2010: development of the cross compliance computer framework system for the European Union agricultural subsidy payments in Hungary
  • 2012: contribution in the delivery of the ERP system of the Hungarian National Ambulance Emergency Service
Our most important Hungarian IT partners are:

  • T-Systems Hungary
  • Hewlett-Packard Hungary
  • Oracle Hungary
  • Vialto Consulting
  • BDO Hungary
Budapest, H-1024
Lövőház utca 39.
Tel.: +36 1 346 3400
Fax.: +36 346 3401

Ulyssys is located in the exclusive Millenáris Office Building in heart of the Buda side