The project activities cover the whole scale of software development from the requirement analysis to the installation, integration with other components and rollout. The company usually also supports this systems’ operation and provides full scale support and maintenance on demand for several years.
Our Company
Ulyssys Software Development and Consulting Ltd. has been founded by Hungarian individuals in 1991. Its Serbian subsidiary joined the team in 2009.Ulyssys has broad experiences in development and delivery of complex information systems for several sectors. Its projects include both the customization and introduction of off-the-shelf products, development of custom-made applications and integration of different software and hardware equipment.

Ulyssys with its staff of 300 professionals is one of the most significant software development companies in Hungary. Its most important competence is the development of integrated, workflow-based software systems which supports the core business processes of its customers. Ulyssys puts emphasis on using the most up-to-date technologies and automated software tools, so that its systems can be inexpensively operated, decreasing the total cost of ownership from the customer’s side.
The basic elements of competencies include:
  • System and requirement analysis
  • Process- and system planning, design
  • Programming
  • Customization of off-the-shelf products
  • System integration, support and maintenance of systems both developed by Ulyssys or third parties including legacy applications
Key competencies
  • Development for key customers – organisation is accustomed for this approach
  • Support and maintenance for the whole product lifecycle
  • Deep understanding of requirements of partner organisations
  • Pool for all kind of experts for new projects
  • Integration of latest technology elements
  • Coverage of the whole software development lifecycle
    • requirement analysis
    • system design
    • programmin
    • testing
    • support team
Products and Technologies
  • Main profile: individiual software development
  • Leading „off-the-shelf” products;
    • FÖNIX – application development framework system
    • FIKSZ – integrated filing system
    • UlyBPM – workflow management system
    • UlyDoc – document management system
  • Technologies
    • Various database management systems (Oracle, PostgreSQL, etc)
    • Java and Java Enterprise development, C, C++, Python, legacy languages (Fortran)
    • Geographical Information System (GIS) tools and framework for various databases (such as Oracle Spatial and Graph)
    • Various middleware tools (Oracle Weblogic, WildFly, etc.)
    • Artificial intelligence tools;
    • Automated software test framework
  • Certifications
    • IPMA
    • Oracle Certified Professional/Associate (JAVA Enterprise)
    • ISTQB
    • CISA
References and projects
  • Subsidy management system for the State Treasury
    • Ulyssys is the largest software development supplier of the State Treasury
  • Tax management
    • delivery and support of the local tax administration system of Budapest
  • Document management and filing
    • Heavy duty, secured document filing system operating at several public bodies (e.g. the National Assembly of Hungary, the government party (FIDESZ) fraction in the National Assembly, National Food-chain Safety Office of Hungary and the National Ambulance Emergency Service of Hungary
  • Public transport
    • establishment of an Energy Planning System, a Facility Management System and an Investment Planning System for the Public Transport Company of Budapest (BKV)
  • Genetics
    • – Participation in the biometrical breeding value estimation of cattle based on genetical information
  • Telecommunication
    • Network-development and -monitoring system for the Governmental IT Development Agency
  • Robotics
    • Management and analysis system including the control of autonomous driving equipment for the second largest agricultural vehicle merchant and service provider of Hungary
  • R&D
    • R&D project for medicine-delivery and -transport with drones
    • Artificial Intelligence R&D project for the automated screening program against lung cancer
  • Official software development partner of T-Systems Hungary, cooperating in various projects
Our partners

  • State Treasury
  • National Food Chain Safety Office
  • Municipality of Budapest
  • T-Systems Hungary
  • Budapest Transport Company
  • Bureau of the National Assembly of Hungary
  • FIDESZ Fraction of the National Assembly
  • Association of Holstein-Friesian Breeders
Budapest, H-1024
Lövőház utca 39.
Tel.: +36 1 346 3400
Fax.: +36 1 346 3401

Ulyssys is located in the exclusive Millenáris Office Building in heart of the Buda side