Project title:
Drones at the service of society

Project ID: GINOP-2.1.1-15-2015-00697
Fund providing support: European Union
Total project amount (amount tendered): HUF 634,554,090
Support amount: HUF 426,430,554
Beneficiary’s name: ESTRATO Research and Development Ltd.
Beneficiary’s address: 1124 Budapest, Németvölgyi road 91. bldg. C, floor 2 15.
Consortium partners: Ulyssys IT Development and Consulting Ltd.
Date of project implementation start: 05.11.2018.
Project implementation deadline: 28.09.2020.

The drone ‘fever’ is spreading internationally, but its current status as a transport tool/leisure sport/military tool is not yet fully developed and declared. However, there is already a broad consensus that the drone is a technological achievement whose civil use is inevitable. Under the project, drones will be equipped with the hardware and software to deliver medicines to their intended destination as quickly as possible. The drones would deliver medicine supplies from the relevant county/territory regional institutions to smaller health care units. These deliveries are currently made by road around the world. However, in many cases this is unpredictable, with road accidents, weather, human negligence and many other factors adding significant risk to such a formula. In this R&D&I project, we aim to find a solution to minimise these risks and, not least, to eliminate the financial risks associated with these risks. With the support of the Miskolc Hospital as a cooperating partner, we will be able to create a useful and viable model that will stand up to international competition.